Online Casinos sponsor multiple Premier League Teams

Online Casinos sponsor multiple Premier League Teams

There are different topics for general conversations. People like speaking and expressing opinion about weather, politics, religion. Regarding sport, football is the most popular topic for discussing.

Even at this moment millions of football fans around the world are playing, watching and discussing their favourite team. Every football fan would probably prefer to see his favourite team in the list of the Premier League. By the way this is the league which is the most watched all over the world. As many people like watching this game, advertising and sponsoring are always welcome and bring good profit.

Online Casinos sponsor the Premier League

Many companies, like online casinos would prefer to place their advertisements on the T-shirts of Premier league footballers. It can cost good money, but it can be a good profit for both – the company and the team.


The advertising pie is a target for clothing brands, car dealers and online casinos


Advertising on football T-shirts, posters, TV commercials and others is a real way to make money.   Any advertiser or sponsor aims to get their money back. So the preferred place for advertising is on the front of a footballer's T-shirt. The 2017/2018 season will see the tendency advertising to be put to the sleeves of the shirts. These football players have millions of fans, football matches get a huge amount of TV time.

In the Premier League the biggest sponsor deal is actually for £47 million and it is between Chevrolet and Manchester United.

Facts about Sponsoring

Nowadays nearly half of the Premier League teams have as a sponsor an online casino or  a sports betting site. Very often you can see your favourite football player advertising the online casino you like best

Here is a list with the current sponsors of some football teams:

  • M88 - sponsor of Bournemouth
  • Dafabet -  sponsor of Burnley
  • ManBetx – sponsor of Crystal Palace
  • SportPesa – sponsor of Everton
  • Ope Sports – sponsor of Huddersfield
  • Fun88 – sponsor of Newcastle
  • Bet365 – sponsor of Stoke
  • BetWay – sponsor of West Ham

These sponsors have the exclusive right to choose the spot for their advertisements. Actually, every season massive amounts of money change hands and obviously it is well spent money.

The figures show that only 50% of online casinos and betting sites are current sponsors, but there is a hope that the number will rise very soon.

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