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Online Casino Gaming can quickly turn from fun to addictive

Online Casino Gaming can quickly turn from fun to addictive

Nowadays playing online casino games is a common form of entertainment for people all over the world. People use internet to play video slots, table games and other betting games for fun and with the hope to hit big wins. But the problem is rather serious as within the blink of an eye this pastime can turn into gambling addiction.

Most online casinos provide their customers with methods for protection against addiction.


Here is a list with 10 easily spotted signs of gambling addiction


Gambling addiction can be even developed for one night. At first you start playing just for fun, then you hope activating the bonus round and the next thing – you can't stop or log out.

Be always on the alert as it is sometimes difficult to spot the signs of gambling addiction. A player may already have a gambling problem:

  • When the amount of time he spends on gambling increases.
  • When the player spends more time online and uses gambling to escape from the reality and a developing problem he has got.
  • When he feels upset or even angry when he tries to cut down.
  • When he starts using alcohol or other addictive products
  • When he tries to hide or lie about the amount of time and money he tends to spend on gambling.
  • When he finds it impossible to stop playing even he is losing.
  • When the player overspends and starts transferring his debts to family members or friends.
  • When a player reaches a point to struggle to concentrate at work or even often doesn't go to work without any reason.
  • When a player is not able anymore to focus on important things. Very often this state will cause the end of relationships.
  • When a player is not able to know when to quit and spends time and money even after losing.

If you notice 2 or more of the signs above you must be sure that a serious problem of gambling addiction is present. Try as soon as possible to get help.

Take action to solve the problem

Playing online casino games should be used as a form of pastime and entertainment. As it can provide opportunities of winning it may become risky and destructive. Organizations like as GamCare or Gamblers Anonymous can help people who realize having a  gambling problem.

Never wait until it becomes too late. If you cannot help yourself our recommendation is to contact these organizations. They have helped many players to recover.

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