An old Medieval dice for cheaters was found in Norway

An old Medieval dice for cheaters was found in Norway

Speaking about truly old dice, the oldest one that is nearly 5000 years old was found in Iran.


A very interesting dice has been recently uncovered in the Norwegian city of Bergen during excavation works


For ages different forms of gambling have existed for testing the good luck. People have played all sort of games with the hopes of winning money, including the luck of the draw, the roll of the dice, or how skilled you can be with a deck of cards. On the other hand, there have been others that have tried to trick the system.

The earliest evidence of gambling can be found back to 2300BC. In Ancient China are recorded different types of games of chance played and enjoyed by people from all walks. The first mention of dice games dates in 500BC after a pair of dice was found in a tomb in Egypt.

Medieval Dice for Cheaters

According to the researchers the dice found in the city of Bergen in Norway dates more than 600 years old. This was a “dodgy” dice or loaded dice – it has two sets of the number 4 and two sets of the number 5.

This dice was probably used to cheat while playing dice games. This fact shows that cheating has always been existing.

According to the archaeologist Ingrid Rekkavik the dice was used for a game called “passe-dix”. The aim of this game was to roll 3 dice for a total of 10. The first player who lands less than 10 is the loser. Winning was almost guaranteed by using a loaded dice as the one found in Norway.

The game became very popular in the past. The government had to put a ban on it because of the problems that occurred. According to the 1278 City Act players being caught should be fined with 107 grams of silver and the money involved could be confiscated by the King’s Ombudsmen.

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