New Legislation for Ukrainian Hotel Gambling

New Legislation for Ukrainian Hotel Gambling

For many years gambling, as a form of entertainment, has been preferred by millions all over the globe. People play online or in land-based casinos to try their luck and to see if they can strike a real win.

Actually there are still regions that are not open to gambling entertainment. This can be an unfavorable condition for tourism development.  


Ukrainian government has recently approved a new bill on legalization of gambling business in the country


After 10 years without casinos in Ukraine it seems the authorities are ready to reopen the doors of the country to gambling.

It was in 2009 when casinos were outlawed in this country. As a step to push the development of tourism and local economy the President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy requested the Cabinet to legalize casinos once again.

According to recent reports the Cabinet of Ministers has approved the bill on legalization of gambling business in Ukraine. This bill known as the Action Program, could be vital and favorable for the hotel business and tourism in general.

The Cabinet of Ministers have announced only a few details of what they propose regarding the gambling aspect of the program. The bill remains somehow in a mystery as the full text has not been made public yet. From the released information it becomes clear that gambling permission might be given only on the hotels area. This means that it will be allowed if they use software and equipment with international standards only. 

The fact that illegal slot machines were found around the country may be considered as one of the main motivators for the change in legislation in Ukraine. The government is taking decisive steps to tackle illegal casino gaming sites. Such illegal slot machines can cause massive financial distress to the economy in general.

Even the new law has not been published yet, it contains some important elements for decisive change in gambling business in Ukraine. The first step is to eliminate all illegal slot machines and to illuminate the betting business. Another step is to regulate all betting areas including hotels. Lotteries will also become subject to serious monitoring. 

The government has also regulated the fee conditions for betting firms that want to operate legally. The fee amount for the license will depend on the location of the hotel.

The new change of the gambling legislation has already received the support of almost half of the Ukrainian public. They see in the near future better chance for more tourists and more entertainment for locals in Ukraine.  

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