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A lucky Canadian player won the massive jackpot on Gladiator Progressive Slot

A lucky Canadian player won the massive jackpot on Gladiator Progressive Slot

Winning a massive progressive jackpot – this is the dream of most online casino gamblers! Even it does not happen to every player it could be life changing for the lucky ones.


While playing at Slots Heaven Casino a very lucky Canadian player hit a win of dreams.


Interesting facts that led to the jackpot win

On the first place this is the presence of Lady Luck during the gameplay of this Canadian player.  He or she was playing at Slots Heaven Casino for only four days at the end of July 2018. At some time the player decided to play the Playtech Gladiator progressive slot which is favourite for many other players. And this game choice led to a the incredibly big win of £1,371,621.

There is very little information about the player who stroke this massive win of dreams but is known that actually he/she is from the British Isles.

The possibilities of what to do with this amazing win are endless. The lucky winner can decide to go to a luxury cruise, to buy a new home or a car – this is definitely a life changing win.

Facts about the game

The Gladiator Progressive slot is one of the best games in the selection list of titles by Playtech. Due to the impressive progressive jackpot it has become favourite to many players. The slots is themed on the iconic film, the Gladiator. Animations and short clips from this film can be seen while playing the game.

The slot contains 5 reels and 25 paylines. All this comes with the exciting variety of fun bonus features: win multipliers, free spins and the jackpot bonus game. You can play the game from minimum 0.25 to maximum 1.250 per spin. The maximum pay-out offered by the game is 5,000 coins. This can happen when 5 emperor symbols are landed on the reels. All the icons will get animated with clips from the famous film the game is based on. 

When you succeed to get 3+ Coliseum Scatter symbols on the reels, the Coliseum Bonus game will be immediately triggered. Your mission here is to choose one stone from the reels to reveal a number of free spins. The other stone is able to reveal a multiplier and the extra scatter icon which will stay on the reels during any free game. The possibilities are to land up to 24 free spins with a 3x win multiplier.

When 3+ Gladiator helmets land on reels 2, 3 and 4, the Jackpot bonus game will be triggered. Your chances here are to win a bronze, silver or gold jackpot. The gold jackpot is definitely the win that million players dream to reach. It will be triggered after matching 9 gilded helmets.

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