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Journaling as a new trend in the social media which could even improve your Poker game

Journaling as a new trend in the social media which could even improve your Poker game

As a form of entertainment Poker has been known since the 17th century. Besides the fact that you will need to meet the risk to lose more than win, the popularity of Poker has been increasing and expanding among the courageous players. Some are even making Poker their full-time occupation.

Journaling and even bullet journaling have become the recent social media hit.


To know more about the advantages of the new hit in the social media – journaling, read the following:


Journaling can calm you down

Worries, fears and frustration can be forgotten if you let it all out. You should not keep all your worries bottled up, but just write it all down. This creates a way for you to view the issues.

After a loss in Poker, no need to feel frustrated and down. Instead of this you can write about your day, the game and the failure. This will clear your mind for the next game. 

Journaling can humble you

If you are an active Poker players and spend many hours playing your favourite game, our recommendation is to keep a daily journal and practice gratitude. This can make you feel happier, you can improve your gaming experience and have a better outlook.

Organize your action plan

Stop wasting your time and money while playing Poker without having a plan. With the help of journaling you can set an intention and organize your day. Instead of diving into the gaming world and escaping from the reality you must plan your time and your day.

Get prepared for the game

The poker players memories are legendary. They are usually able to remember any detail about the game. Try to take several minutes a day to let out your feelings from the game. Summarize what made you feel worried during the game. Try to find ways and methods to improve it. The good results won't be late. 

Organize your business ideas

Sense of adventure and passion for more and more are typical for poker players. As soon as you game does not give you such feelings, you must start organizing your ideas of a competitor. List them all down and the massive success will come soon.

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