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Important information about online slot volatility

Important information about online slot volatility

When spinning the reels of top-notch online slots you should keep the fun by playing responsibly. Any fan of online casino gambling might have heard the terms “slot volatility” or “slot variance”. But not many players are familiar with what the terms mean. Or why they matter to their playing experience.


Online slot volatility or variance refers to the risk a player takes on when playing the casino game of his/her choice


Understanding slot volatility is important because it can affect the way you play and the amount of winnings you can get while spinning the reels.

Online gambling in general and the casino games are based on a certain amount of risk. You  make a deposit by placing real money bets. The percentage of chance that you’ll win anything in return is not known.

Volatility or variance determines that chance. It measures a casino game you bet on as a high risk, medium risk or low risk.  

Knowing the volatility of a game could greatly have an effect on the amount of money you bet or if you play it at all! This may seem to you like a small detail, but you should not ignore it. It shows the risk you can meet by playing a certain game. When you are not ready to place bigger and bigger bets, it is advisable to know the volatility to receive a certain sort of reward, or completely avoid the casino game.

As it was mentioned above, there are 3 different levels of volatility to look out for:

High Volatility

Slots with high volatility are mainly designed for players who are all about “going big or going home”. On a very occasional basis high volatility slots can pay out huge amounts. The volatility of a game can become high when massive jackpots are potentially up to be grabbed. After placing large bets you might receive large payouts, but rarely. High volatility slots are not recommended for new players or players with a small budget as they can be quite dangerous.

Medium Volatility

Slots with medium volatility are mainly designed for players simply looking to enjoy a bit of fun by playing at their favourite online casino. Medium volatility slots will be perfect for them as they won't drain their account easily. This type of slots are settled in the middle and will be perfect for new players and players with limited cash to spend. Players who aren’t too serious about cashing in on huge rewards will also like slots with medium volatility.

Low Volatility

Players who enjoy seeing small but frequent wins will definitely appreciate slots with low volatility. Place small bets as often as possible and watch as small rewards pop up on a regular basis. Low volatility slots often reward between 10 to 100 times the bet placed.

As we have tried to explain there are different types of volatility for different types of players. This fact shows the importance to understand everything there is to know about any casino game you intend to play. Before spending your hard-earned cash, try to know more about all of the risks you will have to meet. To keep the fun from your favourite form of entertainment, first do the necessary research on a game that has caught your eye and play responsibly.

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