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How to be a winner at online slot games

How to be a winner at online slot games

No matter if in land based or in online casinos, slots are the most popular among the other gambling games later. Depending on the country they are played, they have different nicknames, such as pokies or fruit machines in the UK, for example.

RNG – random number generator – is the integrated in all modern slot machines logic that is used for them to be programmed. A bit different though is the situation with the fruit machines.

Below we have gathered some valuable tips for you to help you become even more advanced in your tries to be one of the next big winners. Just a recommendation from our side – do not spend your money on strategies offered online, as they are far from effective and will not bring you any positives at all. Just think twice before you make the transaction – will somebody who has found the winning combination sell it to random people for pennies?


The only truly working strategy for the slots is to have Lady Luck on your side. Despite the multiple myths and legends, there is no one way recipe for the slots to start producing winning spins for you one after the other. Thus, make your mind and don’t spend your bucks on buying the advertised online systems by unknown “experts”. In fact, there is no need to have any special skills at all to be the next jackpot holder.

We shall strongly agree that there are games – such as video poker and blackjack – for which quite much experience, knowledge, character and even professional skills are needed so that you can build your own strategy leading you to the top ranked positions. On the other hand, online pokies (as well as land based) only require you to have a lot of luck and patience at your side. Certainly, there are some basic rules that you shall stick on, but bear in mind that cheating on the slots is a mission impossible.

A good starting point for everyone willing to be a “good slot player” is to investigate the multiple variances of slot games, to be sure that you understand the paylines and to know how to use the bonus features at most.

Below we will describe you some of the different categories of slots:


There is no such adrenaline rather the one that hits you right in the top once the bonus feature appears on your desktop. The higher the bet is, the greater the prize of the bonus will be. Be sure that bonuses are not a rear thing to see on the online slots. Some casinos even combine more than one bonus feature and can give you very generously a pick bonus, some free spins to enjoy and also a progressive bonus to delight your play.

At the same time, if you are keen on playing the classic 3 Reel slots then you shall be prepared to face the fact that those machines will not reward you with any bonus at all.


The more we deep dive in the technology era, the more possibilities there are for the slot developers to convert their ideas into reality. Starting from just a single one, you may go up to including 100 paylines to choose from while selecting the machine you want to play. The ways you want to play them can also be quite numerous, which makes the game quite individually set based on your desires and mood of the day.

If you decide to play on a slot set to “all ways” then all the symbols you hit will pay you back from the left to the right, except the scatters. This option dramatically increases your chances for a prize, which have been the main contributor for the slots to be so popular among the masses of players around the globe.


Low, Medium and High are the 3 types of variances that you shall very well understand before placing your bets.

If you have a tight budget and you are not keen on high roller bets, they you shall most probably try your luck on the low variance slots. The payouts are quite often in those games and you can be lucky to gather a lot of money from the machines.

In contrary, the high variance slot machines do not pay very often but if you hit a bonus or a combination to win, then you will really understand what big money means. Even if the bet is low!

As you may guess, the medium variance slot machines are a combination and the so cold “gold middle” between the upper two already mentioned. That way of pay can be quite adequate for temperate players, who just want to enjoy the game.

Where’s the Gold as well as slots are quite a good example for low variance games, while Book of Ra and the more than famous Break da Bank Again machines are on the other side of the variation’s line – high once.

Hitman and Hellboy we recommend for those of you which enjoy being in the middle – between the slow game and the unlimited adrenaline.



Let’s start with the most important point – just like other businesses all around the world, casino industry is also a one to make profit. So whatever you do, the slots are meant to also take money from the gamblers. Because of that we will strongly recommend you not to stick on one and the same slot machine if you play for a long time on it but with no any prize at all. The maximum of losing spins to make on one slot is 500. Once you hit this number, just change the game, mind your budget and be sure to get familiar with the specifics of the selected game.

If the slot is not clear enough for you (rules, bonuses, extra) you either have to read more about it or just quite. There is a pay table information button on each slot, which will show you the “guide” on paylines, bonuses and other features offered. Also, be sure that you cash out all of your earnings if you are winning 50% (or more) of your spins.

The best way to determine the game you want to play with real money bets is to try one of the multiple offered on our side free slots. Just give yourself the chance to taste the feeling of each slot and only then make your deposit for real.

For progressive slots you have the most chances to win if you bet on the max of the limits. On the one hand the chances are bigger; on the other the payout will be quite impressive. Casino industry is already known for a lot of progressive jackpot winners and if you want to be the next one, just bet to the max.

If you still need more help on the topic, do not forget to frequently check our website for the most up to date tips and tricks on winning gambling strategies.

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