Historical flashback of the casino games progress

Historical flashback of the casino games progress

Historically, since the dawn of times men has used almost everything as a gamble source, wars endings included. As gambling has accompanied men throughout the ages and derives from human nature itself, casino games have a captivating history.

Some researchers claim that a kind of gambling could be seen back in 2300 BC.”

Casino games have always provided one of the greatest forms of fun and lately, they have gone forwards to establish as even more gigantic drift facilitated by the most up-to-date technology and the emergence of mobile gambling.

Ridotto was the first European gambling house we are aware of and was set up back in 1638 in Venice, Italy. Though it wasn’t a typical casino or at least did not bear the name, it offered similar services. Founded by the Great Council of Venice, this casino house presented regulated gambling opportunities throughout the Carnival season. In due course of time casino games have evolved in a way to serve the crowds best.

THE 5 most long-standing CASINO GAMES

The oldest casino games, listed below, have not only coped to sustain the tryouts. They have also succeeded to root deeply into players’ hearts, regardless young or old, thus fortifying their stronghold in the casino business industry.



Sir William of Tyre is reckoned to be the inventor of the oldest casino game, for which records are found, known as Craps. This took place during the Crusades in 1125 AD, when Sir William and his soldiers encountered a fortress with the name “Asart” or “Hazarth”. During the blockade of the castle, they had been playing Hazard, named after the castle. Some consider the origin of the game to be associated to Al Zar, an Arabic game of dices, fetched to Europe by traders back in the 12th Century. The change of the name to “Craps” is believed to be a Frenchmen act with the purpose to distinguish themselves from the English. The contemporary vision of the game, that we are so familiar with today, is an achievement of John H. Winn, who developed it in the 19th Century.



Blackjack originated from Twenty-One, a game with an unidentified origin. The game was first mentioned in the scripts of the Spanish author, Miguel de Cervantes, the world renown author of Don Quixote. In his “Rinconete y Cortadillo” story, from Ejemplares Novellas, Cervantes introduces 2 characters of cheaters working in Seville. They were proficient in cheating at Ventiuna (Twenty-One). Being a gambler himself, Miguel de Cervantes wrote the story sometime between 1601 and 1602. On the grounds of this, we can presume that the game had been played since the beginning of the 17th century.


Roulette has always been a very popular game throughout time. Legends say that ancient Romans spun the wheels of their chariots in a captivating game of luck, guessing the winning numbers or symbols carved on the wheels. France was the place where the modern outlook of the game, suitable for casino display was shaped, thus the game started to conquer the hearts of millions around the world. Consistent with the stories referring to the origin of this game, upon his retirement the world known French mathematician and scientist Blaise Pascal took his time relaxing in a Parisian casino. There, back in 1657, he created the authentic roulette game.



Poker, also referred to as the Boasting game or “Pochspile” in German has always been present in the casinos. A curious fact about Poker is that its progress can be tracked back to the times of historical development when commercial gambling was fabricated. An English Actor, Joseph Crowell, stated that in 1829 a game of Poker had been played in New Orleans. As said by the later, a pack of 20 cards and four gamblers were involved in the game, and the betting was on which player would hold in proprietorship the highest ranked hand of cards.



The prototype of the contemporary slot machine was created by Pitt and Sittman of Brooklyn, New York, back in 1891. The game originated from Poker and had five cylinders containing 50 card faces in total. This appliance promptly became a knockout and soon it conquered the city bars where the presence of one or two machines like these was a common scene. The machines worked by inserting a coin in and pulling the grip, which would make the cylinders to spin. People could only hope to have the cylinders stop on a nice poker hand. No direct cash-out devices were at disposal at that time, so the gamblers had to receive their awards in the form of drinks and cigarettes. These awkward gambling devices soon developed and transformed into the astonishing online and video equivalents we have the pleasure to play on today.

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