Historic casinos that overcame the challenges of time

Historic casinos that overcame the challenges of time

The definition for a casino nowadays is either a building that is housing punters, or a site accepting online clients and presenting different sorts of gambling actions. The betting business has considerably expanded and developed over the centuries it has existed. Currently, the biggest casinos growth can be affiliated to the release of online gambling and mobile gambling.

In the due course of time there have always been lots of disputes about the influence casinos have on the public and state incomes and whether this influence is positive or negative. Despite all odds, the casino gaming industry has succeeded to prevail. It has never staggered and has always endured any hardship throughout times.

The  oldest proofs of gambling found reveal that ways of wagering have existed since the birth of human history


A research shows that some of the earliest types of gambling came about in 2300 BC in Ancient China where tiles were used for an elementary game of luck.

Ground-based casinos have turned to be such a crucial segment in the incomes and progress of the gambling business. Despite the fact that new casinos sprout constantly there are a few that endure the trial of time. See below a brief review of the oldest casinos still in existence.


Casino di Venezia – 1638

Casino di Venezia is referred to as the first eminent casino worldwide and its set up goes back to 1638. The casino is situated in the pictorial city of Venice in Italy, amongst its famous canals. When coming in through the Grand Canal, guests are stunned by the splendor of Renaissance Venetian architecture that rises up right upon their arrival. Visitors are granted the thrill of a historically loaded experience when stopping by at this location.

As per the historical accounts, the building itself was erected in 1509 as a family home to a privileged Venetian aristocrat. It was converted into a casino a lot later, some 100 years afterward. Among the most exceptional characteristics of this casino is its construction as it has been preserved intact and accurate to its initial 17th century design.

The interior of the casino has also retained its traditional setting and architecture typical for the time.  The splendor of the decorations, artifacts, painting and sculptures is hypnotizing and have withstood the vicissitudes of the ages. The chandeliers and historical ornamentation have a dual purpose – not only to present the typical Venetian exuberance but also to create the ambiance players are welcomed by when they first enter the casino gates.

Casino di Venezia has succeeded to keep its top rankings during the years, by performing customary casino games such as blackjack, roulette, Caribbean stud poker, Trente et Quarante, Chemin de Fer, Texas Hold’em, and a collection of over 600 slot machines. This lavish casino has to be present in the visit list of players with a taste of architecture, history and casino gaming.


Casino Wiesbaden - 1810

When touring around Germany, casino fans should certainly take a turn to the most ancient German casino, Wiesbaden Casino. This German jewel is quite minor in size, but has been functioning since 1810 and is a solid candidate for challenging the status of being the oldest gambling entity worldwide. It has to be noted that this site itself can be traced back to the period of the Roman Empire.

The casino’s interior is exceedingly archetypal which creates a sophisticated atmosphere. Visitors will be spellbound by sculptures from Greek mythos, tessellation pieces, and lusters that enrich the interior design are cleverly placed to manifest the refine ambiance that is incomparable and can only be felt at Wiesbaden Casino.

The amazing about this elderly, 200 years lasting casino is its eternal architecture and the fact that it hasn’t sustained a single “wrinkle” on its dignified 19th century figure.   Players will be penetrated by the historical mood and will experience the magnificence of the construction and pattern not aware of the fact that this entity has stayed superbly untouched even after all this time.

The Wiesbaden Casino is most renown for its assortment of traditional casino table games, roulette, blackjack and baccarat amongst, and its 180 slot machines. The access to the slot section of the casino is cost-free, but if you would like to experience the complete casino features you will be charged with 2.5 Euro. Though online casinos are gaining utmost popularity and are continuously developing and changing there is nothing that can be compared to the emotion of entering an everlasting casino titan.

Crockford’s Club - 1828

Crockford’s officially opened its doors to gentlemen, members of the club in 1828. Sources say, that men could engage in gambling undertakings within the property of London’s Crockford’s Club long before it was formally inaugurated as a betting place. Some have even believed that casino gaming as familiar nowadays was set to life in this high-class spot.

The constructors of this extravagant dwelling for chivalrous leisure were Benjamin and Philip Wyatt, who were employed to do the job by William Crockford, the founder of the club. This establishment had enjoyed an elite status and its participants were amongst the most wealthy and influential persons in the British high society at that time. Members would gather in the club to wager, mingle and loosen up with man talk. Some sources claim that various political decisions of big importance in British history were taken within the confinement of the Crockford’s Club.

What distinguishes this casino and gentleman’s club at the same time from any other existing casino worldwide is that it granted a lavish way to gamble that couldn’t be found anywhere else. Its reputable members were spoiled rotten with the most stylish decorations that were cautiously set to correspond to their aristocratic titles. Initially, the club presented a combination of elite gaming room for high betting and personal premises where a vast selection of casino games could be played. In 2014 the Crockford’s Club got notorious for a scandal aroused by the lawsuit attempt for £7.7 million of a professional poker gambler against the casino. The player claimed he was tricked out of his fair earnings.


Casino de Monte Carlo – 1856

Casino de Monte Carlo or more popular as Monte Carlo Casino is a French originating gambling entity that has been much favored for the last almost 154 years. The casino was founded in the distant 1863 and the ownership and functioning is held by the Société des bains de mer de Monaco, a public company with the majority of shares possessed by the Monaco government and the reigning family.

Casino de Monte Carlo was first built in 1856 and was the favourite pick of the riches players around Europe. Some historical sources claim that the initial the idea of setting a gambling establishment venue was given by Prince Florestan I’s wife, Princess Caroline. The search of a way out of bankruptcy for the House of Grimaldi led to the occurrence of that idea. Empirically, these attempts resulted in a take-over of the Monaco’s casino venture by Francois Blanc in 1863, the year when the Societe des Bains de Mer et du Cercle des Etrangers was set.

Since its establishment, the casino sustained a lot of enlargement and alteration, but still managed to keep its noticeable artistic polish. The first of its kind Women’s Olympiad conducted in 1921 came about at the Casino estates. Monte Carlo Casino features a variety of traditional casino games like craps, baccarat, American roulette,  poker, French roulette, blackjack, punto banco, chemin fer, and plenty of slot machines.

This gambling establishment was the pioneer in mixing gaming with the entertainment field by appending café, restaurants, concert halls, and a theatre, all present on the domains of the Casino de Monte Carlo.


Golden Gate Casino – The first Las Vegas casino - 1906

Las Vegas has always been known as one of the most famous gambling destinations, but the first Las Vegas casino, the Golden Gate Casino was opened just in 1906.  From a historical perspective, initially Las Vegas was a bare and sandy desert station on the commercial path to California prior to developing as The Leisure Centre of the World.

Long before gambling gained legitimacy, a lot of early casino suppliers were lured to this apparently isolated territory as official authorities sustained difficulties to impose law in such distant places. The first known casino on the Las Vegas strip was the Red Rooster and it even succeeded to trade liquor during the prohibition period. Before the Las Vegas strip turned into a famous gambling destination the Golden Gate Casino set in action in the city. The authentic hotel and casino could be located on Freemont Street and was considered as a very lavish facility at that time with its traditional 10’x10’ gaming premises.

The Golden Gate Casino succeeded to overcome the trials of time and has invested over $12 million on renewals and enlargement. The Golden Gate Casino was set off an Italian- Americans group from the San Francisco Bay Region. Previously recognized as Nevada Hotel and Sal Sagev, they changed the name of the establishment to Golden Gate Casino.  For an up-to-date casino venture with a historical tint, this is absolutely a precondition to any Las Vegas tour.



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