A guide for “pokies” win-win play

A guide for “pokies” win-win play

The so cold “pokies” or also “fruities” in UK are those fruit slot machines, which have written a history in gambling. During the years they have won the hearts of the gamblers and have positively become one of the most popular among the other industry inventions. Also very much preferred by all generations as one of the funniest and most exciting way to entertain yourself and, at the same time, win great prizes.

Due to that popularity the fruit gambling machines have been accepted by all kind of players and distributed along almost all of the countries, where gambling has already built strong roots.


No matter how you prefer to call them – “fruit slots”, “pokies” or “fruities” – there is something certain about them: we will continue to prefer them as long as they continue to pour buck.


In fact, if we want to be even more concrete, those also called “Pub Slots”, are not exactly the typical slot machines, which we are used to. They are in fact AWPs, which is the abbreviation for Amusements with Prizes. Unlike all other slots, those machines are programmed to give you their prices not based on the RNG (random number generator) chips.


But how then….. Our answer – easy and very predictable for the educated pokie players. The jackpot prize is in your hands (or pocket in fact). The more bucks you play on the machine without collecting any prizes, the more the machine will pay you back with bonuses and finally – with the long waited jackpot. If you want to have the big prize, just fill in the machine as much as possible and decrease your bet to the minimum possible level. That will certainly give you the best possible option to win.


Fruit slot professional will also know when a machine is fully loaded by another players and will then go, force it to the maximum and finally take the most out of the bonuses and jackpots.


In the last years the gambling industry have been expanding and upgrading itself rapidly. Thus, online fruit slots have been impacted as well. You must agree with us that it is an ultimate pleasure to have a pokies machine so handy and easy to access with only one click on a web address via your phone, for example.


Nowadays, you may delight yourself playing fruit slots in the comfort of your own home, outside, on a vacation or every other place you would like, not even needed to go to a land based casinos. All you need to win the big prizes and entertain yourself is internet connection and the device you mostly prefer for surfing in the net.


And due to the fruities being very popular, mostly preferred by the gamblers and very user friendly, prizes and jackpots are now even bigger. That means that every time a player has the luck on her/his side, the profit will be as high as possible.

Especially in the UK, you will find yourself much more successful in payback if you play fruit machines ONLINE rather than in land based casinos or pubs. And that is because of the fact that fruit machines are programmed to give you back only 70%. At the same time, playing online, you can take up to 95% return.


Percentages in the jackpots are also different if comparing pub slots and those online. Land based jackpots vary from 100 to 1000 of the total bet, while online you may be lucky to gain between 100 and 10 000 per total bet.


Having the luck at your side and playing at the right time can really pay you back fat bucks! With a bet of 10 credits and 10 000x you can with really big money and become rich in seconds. Come on…try it now!

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