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Getting rich with lies, deceit, bugs and cheats

Getting rich with lies, deceit, bugs and cheats

Online casino gaming is mostly used by players for fun and entertainment. There are some casino players who do the activity professionally and some others who play casino games for the sole purpose of striking massive wins.


You can read the story of two men who were taken into custody and sued for taking advantage of a bug discovered in a Video Poker game.


The Discovery of the Bug

The name of the first man was John Kane. His favourite game was the Game King slot game. He was quite addicted playing it and lost hundreds of thousands on the game annually. It was in 2006 when he discovered a bug there and won a million dollars. This money was quite enough to pay for his own Game King slot. He could play the game at his home and technicians could service it.

Three years later, in April 2009, Kane was playing his favourite game outside the entrance of a Chinese fast-food restaurant at Fremont. He was getting small payout while playing the video slot when he pressed the Cash Out button. Then the screen locked up with a jackpot of more than $1,000. It was more than sure for Kane that it was a mistake and he told the casino worker about the error. But the man thought he was joking and gave him the amount.

The start of the troubles

Instead of forgetting about the case John Kane decided to go further and get more money by cheating. He called his friend Andre Nestor from Pittsburgh and told him about the bug in the Game King slot. Nestor took the first available flight and arrived to Las Vegas.

The next morning the two friends went to Fremont and started playing the Game Kings. Their goal was to trigger the bug, so they worked together by trying different combinations of play, game types, and bet levels.

But the fatal mistake of the two men was the attempt to turn Game King into a Multi-Game and give it endless versatility. At the beginning everything was going great and everyday they got some winnings. Even Nestor was sure that with the bug and the control over the Game King slot they had the chance  to win up to $500,000 daily.

It was not possible to resist to the big daily wins. Nestor had troubles to keep his new riches and returned regularly to casinos and was losing his money. A lot of tension began between Kane and Nestor. The two men continued to play separately.

Getting Caught

On the 3rd of July, 2009 Kane was caught and put in jail. He immediately tried to warn Nestor to stay out of the casinos by calling him. But Nestor did not believe Kane at all thinking that he wanted to keep all the wins to himself. Nestor continued to cheat and win by playing his Game King. A couple of months later, on the 6th of October, 2009 Nestor was caught by the police.

These two men took advantage of a bug discovered in the Game King video poker game, got easily  rich, but soon they were caught and thrown into jail.

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