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Gambling in the USA shows rise in popularity

Gambling in the USA shows rise in popularity

Millions all over the globe enjoy gambling as a form of entertainment.

Throughout the centuries gambling has been enjoyed as a popular legal or illegal pastime.


According to recent statistics done by AGA (The American Gaming Association) the number of Americans supporting casinos has massively increased for the last several years


The American Gaming Association (AGA) showed the result from a new research – a record number of Americans are supporting casinos and the activity of gambling in general. The figures show that the number has risen with 4% compared with the previous year reaching the dramatic 49%.

It is believed that this rise has come as a result from amendments in the betting law in the USA. In the past the gambling laws in the US were rather complicated and restricted many gambling activities. With the new changes in legislation and full relaxation the total number of visitors at casinos increased.    

Each of the American states have received the freedom to create their own gambling laws. Most of the states (except Utah and Hawaii) have done changes on the legislation related to gambling and betting. Most of the restrictions have been eliminated and locals have been provided with new gambling opportunities. There are different casinos and betting facilities available in each state. Utah and Hawaii are the only two US states where live gambling is not allowed.

A deep research has been made by The American Gaming Association. They studied the public’s views on casinos. The results showed that 49% of the participants accept the activity in general. From the other hand, 63% of the survey participants said that they admit casino gaming as an innovative form of entertainment. A significant amount of people have accepted the activity. 67% said that the industry offered high quality entertainment options for all to enjoy.

There is a bigger number of people who visited a casino during the last year. The AGA believed that this is a trend that is set to continue in all the states where the casino activities have become already legal. A greater number of people accept the gambling activities in the USA as a positive form of pastime. Obviously, casinos and the gambling industry in this country expands. This fact will also have positive effects on the local economy.

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