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Different games are preferred by male and female casino players

Different games are preferred by male and female casino players

Men and women differ in many aspects. Speaking about equality refers actually the work place and everyday life. From the other hand differences makes us unique as human beings.

For many years gambling was considered as form of entertainment typical for men only. But the times have completely changed with the new technologies introduced in the online casino industry.  Nowadays the big selection of online casinos has welcomed women too.  

Where to play?


The figures show that men and women prefer different places to play their favourite casino games


It is rather common for women to opt for bright colours and playful atmosphere. At the same time men usually prefer darker online casinos in a Vegas style and inspiration. 

Another difference is the loyalty of the genders to the casinos they visit. According to the inquiries while women tend to play at one or two casinos, men tend to explore different casinos. The figures show that 71% of men prefer to change the online establishment very often instead of staying stuck to one particular online casino.   

What to play?

When considering the casino games enjoyed, we can see very interesting differences between men and women. Speaking about types of games women prefer, we can include: Bingo, Sports betting and online slots. And men prefer to play: sport betting, online poker and online slots.

The selection of games offered by a casino will make it preferred either by men or women.


How much to spend?

One of the biggest difference between men and women who like gambling is the money they decide to spend for betting.

The statistics show that men tend to spend larger sums of money in their favourite casino games than women.  52% of women approximately spend less than £10 weekly on gambling. 64% of men choose to spend above that amount.

In general online gambling is a nice form of entertainment for men and women. Whether you're a man or a woman, you can choose a casino from the list with top 10 online casinos, open an account  and start playing for fun and big rewards. 

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