The bonus features - providers of extra excitement for online slots players

The bonus features - providers of extra excitement for online slots players

The modern online slots have become some of the most popular and entertaining forms of pass-time in the world of online casino gaming. The monotonous games with simply spinning and waiting for a win or loss to be revealed have become rather boring for casino players. With the creation of bonus features the online slots have been filled with elements of action, excitement and rewards.


The bonus features provide additional mystery, hope and wonder added to your online casino gameplay.


The modern software developers of video slot machines do their best inventing exciting themes, big winning possibilities and new bonus features. With the online slots they aim to tell a story and through the added features they create an immersive gaming experience. Even with an interesting theme, thrilling sounds and superb graphics online slots would be pretty dull and boring without the presence of bonus features. 

Today most online slots contain bonus features. In general bonus features are some sort of bonus rounds, symbols and treats appearing at any time and happily surprising you during your slot gameplay. These can be some awarded cash wins and others with the possibility of higher winnings that can be activated. Usually special symbols such as wild, scatter or bonus symbol are used to trigger the bonus features.

To take the most advantage of the game, always check the paytable of the slot you want to play. Before you start try to know which bonus symbols you have to look out for.


Types of Bonus Features


*Free Spins

This is a common bonus feature offered by most online slots. It is usually activated by using 3+ scatter symbols. It allows to be played 2+ free spins. There are free spins features that come with attached multipliers. They ensure bigger rewarding during this feature.


*Pick Me Bonus

This bonus feature appears in a selected number of online slots. In general it is activated with 3+ scatters or bonus features. To reveal a prize you will have to pick a number of objects on the screen. The Pick Me Bonus feature awards cash prizes, multipliers or free spins and is commonly played on a second screen.


*Click Me Bonus or Instant Win

This bonus feature can surprisingly appear in some games. This will happen at any point during the base game. The Click Me Bonus or Instant Win will trigger when 3 or more scatters appear on the reels. On the screen the scatters will turn into mystery symbols. Your task will be to click on one of the scatters to reveal an instant prize. The feature will award a random prize such as re-spins or small cash prizes.


*Trail Bonus or Combat Rounds

This bonus features create a complete immersive environment during the gameplay. Players are allowed to participate actively in the activity. The Trail Bonus feature is usually triggered by 3 scatters or at random. It plays like a board game. Your mission is to spin a wheel or roll a dice to move across a trail to get towards a prize. The Combat Rounds is quite a recent feature. It has the organization of a 'fighter' who takes the position on the reels to combat the enemy and win prizes for you. These could be instant prizes including cash prizes, free spins or prize multipliers.


*Progressive Multipliers

A wide range of online slots have been added with Progressive Multipliers. This is a kind of meter located next to the reels instead of a normal bonus feature. The progressive multipliers are a favourite among players because of the fact that they lead to frequent and bigger wins.


Skill-Based Slot Games

The online casino industry is changing constantly. Its mission to bring players the best in online gaming entertainment has been realized by introducing the latest technological advancements into practice. Nowadays there is a tendency among the online slot providers to add skill-based elements and features to slot machines. The software developers work on providing more immersive gaming experience by creating completely skill-based online slots. This activity is still in progress but meanwhile players can enjoy the available online slots filled with bonus features as a source of excitement. 

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