Another impressive win for lucky player from Poland, want to follow suit?

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Another impressive win for lucky player from Poland

Well, the name Jacek is not unknown to you if you have followed the news of hefty wins. Isn't that guy lucky to score wins, by playing on Energy Casino? You will be burning with the wish to follow in his footsteps, and if Energy Casino is the lucky online spot for punters, you must immediately head there, sign up, and start playing. Otherwise you will not be so lucky as Jacek. Especially as you know of his more recent win, the latest in a string of lucky grabs for gaming on Energy Casino. He can be your role model, and then your wins may soar so that you will be able to fulfill the dreams of your life, your bucket list, whatever you wish for! Isn't that worth playing for? It sure is, and Jacek has proved once again playing is key.

How did his recent win come about? On September 5, 2016, Jacek decided to try his luck for the umpteenth time on his favorite Energy Casino, and there he was, playing a Slot, Twin. He played in Polish currency, depositing 500 PLN. What happened then? His playing yielded an impressive win, you can compare it to his initial deposit: he won 45,600 PLN, which is amazing, to say it mildly!

Then Jacek played two days later, Twin Spin again. It was clearly a string of auspicious days for him, so he won again. His deposit was 500 PLN, like two days before. Can you imagine his win this time? Hold your breath: his gaming yielded 194,400 PLN in wins. As if that was not enough, more wins were added thanks to his gaming: 40,500; 37,800; 28,000; and then, 121,500, all in PLN! Just add them up, and be careful not to faint! Nothing can be more inspiring than this news, and you can be sure Jacek was accompanied by luck each time he played on Energy Casino. Now what about you, aren't you infected, wouldn't you like to check how much luck is going to be on your side?