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Americans favor casinos, as survey results reveal

Americans favor casinos

It is often argued how much popularity online gambling enjoys in the United States. Another much discussed topic is the extent to which Americans favor casinos. Surveys typically help to establish the truth on the basis of data supplied by respondents. A survey held by AGA (the American Gaming Association) can reassure those who might think that Americans may not favor casino games. In fact, most Americans have no objections to casino games, and that can be shown by the success of US online casinos.

The survey data is reliable, as the AGA unites most top casino companies. According to the survey, as many as 87% of Americans define casino gaming as acceptable. The data is the highest reached in the past years, so it shows the upward progress of casinos in the country. The persons responsible for handling the survey are Mark Mellman and Glen Bolger, political pollsters.

According to Geoff Freeman, AGA president, the online public has appreciated and recognized casinos’ value. The time is auspicious for the casino industry and it should make the most of the current popularity, promoting and expanding to reap further success.

One of the most important principles that Geoff Freeman keeps in mind is the solidarity of online casinos. He has called for firm solidarity in that industry, and there is a reason for his call. Some casinos, such as Las Vegas Sands of Sheldon Adelson, that have deployed an anti-online gambling campaign. Companies belonging with AGA, such as MGM and Caesars, continue to make efforts to enable the legalization of online gambling.

Solidarity is not entirely prevalent in the sector of online casino games. As Freeman says, he has learned that n the online casinos industry, people tend to shoot at each other rather than extend a hand in solidarity. Casino companies have to unite rather than argue and rival with their counterparts. Casinos have an important advantage for the country. As AGA has informed in a statement, casinos are the culprits for really hefty amounts which they bring to the country. If the data for the last few years are analyzed, they will reveal that commercial casinos have brought in impressive revenues. The amount of increase in the period 2012 to 2013 has been 1. In 2012, the revenues amounted to $37.34 billion, and in the next year, 2013, the amount has grown to $37.78. Added to those amounts are the revenues brought by tribal casinos. These revenues are also in the ballpark of billions.

The data publicized by the American Gaming Association contains numbers which are not common knowledge to the general public. But most people in the US realize that thanks to casinos a host of new jobs are created. Another clear benefit realized by many is the contributions that casinos bring to the economy. Some states are aware of those benefits, and they encourage the emergence of more casinos. Maryland, New York, Massachusetts are among those states which have taken advantage of the benefits that casino operation encouragement brings.

While these numbers are not known by the general public, the majority of Americans believe that casinos create a significant amount of jobs and also contribute to the local economy. States like Maryland, Massachusetts and New York are currently in the process of encouraging more casinos and this is a significant step for many AGA members who operate in these respective states. 

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