3 Masterpiece Live Casino Games by Evolution Gaming

3 Masterpiece Live Casino Games by Evolution Gaming

An unprecedented boom and expansion in the development of the online casino industry has been observed in recent years. Live casino games have increased their popularity based on their potential to give players an authentic live casino experience.


Retaining their place as king in live casino, Evolution Gaming, continue to create a range of classic as well as unique live casino games for all to enjoy.


For an authentic live casino experience you can try our best rated online casinos!

Being considered as live casino giant in the online casino industry, the supplier Evolution Gaming has everything from variants based on the classics to absolutely unique live casino variants. For players who don’t want to play the regular live Roulette, Blackjack, Poker or Baccarat games, here are top 3 unique titles from Evolution Gaming live casino collection that must be played:



We all know and adore this globally loved board game called Monopoly. Evolution Gaming created Monopoly Live, a unique live online game show, in a partnership with Hasbro. As a new special  edition of the popular Dream Catcher game, the live casino game Monopoly Life combines the fun  and suspense, the excitement and thrill of the money wheel game. All the familiar elements of excitement in the original Monopoly game have been successfully transferred in the new live casino creation. You will get the chance to roll the dice, enter a 3D Bonus Round and move across the board where elements including GO, Chance and Community Chest, Jail and Super Tax can be landed on. If you speak  English, German or Italian there will be no obstacle for you to play this amazing live casino game.



Mega Ball is one of the latest creations of Evolution Gaming live casino provider. This is a unique and fast-paced bouncing ball game with massive multipliers. It supplies a unique game show feel and features one or two Mega Ball rounds. If won these rounds have the capacity to award additional multipliers. This live casino game provides a unique gaming experience using bingo-style game elements and lottery bouncing balls added. While playing the Mega Ball Draw of this live casino game your fun is guaranteed as 20 balls are drawn and multipliers are generated. Being considered as one of the highlights of the game, this draw provides the opportunity to win up to 1,000,000x your bet! Even bigger wins can be drawn if the rare feature ‘2nd Mega Ball’ is activated. 



An extraordinary one of a kind live casino game, the Deal or No Deal Live has been recently brought to life by a powerful partnership with Endemol Shine. The game is an exclusive live version of the hit TV game show which has been watched for years by millions. Evolution Gaming created Deal or No Deal Live which has become a world-first and exclusively available live casino game. It offers plenty of fun and massive winning opportunities. This live casino version of the well known TV game show comes with the added excitement of prize multipliers. Each bag contains a prize package. With each spin the money from the prize package can be set by 75x to 500x. The game can be played on all desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Start playing the above live casino games and enjoy them as a real source of excitement, interaction, fun, and rewards! Take advantage of all the benefits the new virtual world provides. No need anymore to go to the nearest casino for an authentic live casino experience. Evolution Gaming are working hard on creating best quality live casino games. Their players can play amazing games and get the live casino experience at home. You can try our best-rated casinos and play Mega Ball, Deal on No Deal Live or Monopoly Live developed by Evolution Gaming for an alternative and unique live casino experience nearly as adventurous as playing online slots.

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