Microgaming Charity Campaign with up to £30,000 Donated

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Microgaming lovers can now make the best out of their gambling experience with voting for one of the charity campaigns in their geographic area. Instead of sending gifts for Christmas, Microgamming splits £30,000 equally among four regions globally. Both Microgaming players and stakeholders’ votes have to be gathered to take the final decision whether the donation will be sent to UK and Europe, Isle of Man, Africa or the Rest of the World.

Gift of Giving campaign is Microgaming’s invention in the world of charity, which has started only four years ago but is already transformed into a solid tradition for Microgaming PlayItForward. Its main trait is giving everyone the sense that their gift makes a difference in the world. All people, which decide to take part in the campaign, have the option to choose one of 12 charities in one of the four defined regions worldwide. After the votes took place in December 2016, four of the charities got the highest results:

  • Teenage Cancer Trust (UK and Europe)
  • Women’s refuge (Isle of Man)
  • Médecins Sans Frontières (Rest of the World)
  • Save the Rhino (Africa)


Splitting the donations

Representative of Teenage Cancer Trust to receive the portion they won was Sabina Ruta. She expressed her happiness to have the votes of Microgaming customers on their side and thus having the opportunity to help more and more young people in UK beat the cancer. She also had the lucky chance to express her hope that organization’s aim is to have all teenager’s with cancer supported by 2020.


£7,500 were awarded to the cause of Women’s Refuge, represented by Thelma Lomax. She was very happy to receive the donation. As she shared, the entire cost of the charity was huge, as only during 2016 the organization has received 512 calls from people seeking their help and advice. The donation will certainly give them the opportunity to continue providing their services.


Save the Rhino cause was nominated for the 2nd time in Africa region, as have Josephine Gibson, Save the Rhino Partnership Development Manager, announced. Organization’s efforts are now leading to a progress, despite all the difficulties and challenges they face. As a result, the number of rhinos killed in Africa has been dramatically decreased in the last two years.


Last but not least, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) also received their portion of the total £30,000 donation, which, according to Stephen Legg (Major Gifts Manager) was the best thing to happen on that same moment. Because of the donation, the organization’s medical work forces have managed to overcome the critical period and challenges to their way towards success. Thanks to the awarded money reward MSF’s staff will continue to save lives in more than 60 countries.


Change the world


The Head of Microgaming PlayItForward – Claire Coleman – made an official announcement after the donations were awarded in order to thank the customers who have voted for the campaigns, as well as to congratulate the winners in this year’s event. She was more than excited when sharing her thoughts with the public that so many people have taken part in the voting. Her enthusiasm was difficult to be described when explaining how delighted she feels every times she picks up the phone to announce the good news to the winners.


Our team would like to encourage you take part in next year’s charity campaign and make the difference in your region too.