Released 15.03.2012
Provider Microgaming
Theme Horror
RTP 95.36%
Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 243

Jekyll and Hyde

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The story about this double personality, combining Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, is now available thanks to Microgaming, in a game with 1,024 ways to win. That is bound to impress you, if you like the prospect of many wins with a single spin, you will appreciate it greatly. Now let us say something more about the story of Jekyll and Hyde, to explain the plot; that will be helpful for players of this game. Dr. Jekyll accidentally invented a magic potion which turned him into another, darker personality, Mr. Hyde. That is why the story has the expression “strange case” in the title. Since the story by Stevenson came out, the names of these characters have been used to mean a person who has another, darker and more evil side to his or her personality which stays hidden but is revealed at times. Perhaps it is for that reason that the story, and the game we are discussing, appeal to people and to players so much, because life is never positive or negative only. But in the game you must expect only positive experiences. These will mean wins which will be more abundant thanks to the 1,024 ways to win.

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In the game, the symbols will comprise the good Dr. Jekyll, the girl he is in love with, potions, and card symbols. The potions will be in different bottles, some with the symbol of a skull and crossed bones on them and purple in color, and the other symbol will show two bottles, one of them containing some orange potion and the other some red one. The girl's symbol will be shown in an attractive decorated frame. The dark background, on which the colors stand out, makes the symbols which blaze in fire stand out. The card symbols are all in flames, and sparkle with diverse colors, pink, blue, purple, yellow green. The Wild is easy to recognize, also marked by flames. That profusion of colors and flames, on the black background, will create a spooky impression. The game logo, with the names of Jekyll and Hyde, is the Scatter. With minimum 3 Scatters you will enter the round of free spins and have 10 of them. Dr. Jekyll will turn into Mr. Hyde and stay so while the round is in progress. That transformation will mean more opportunities for auspicious wins. With 5 Mr. Hydes symbols on the reels, you will be able to grab the jackpot: here it amounts to 7,500 coins.

There are many reasons to play Jekyll and Hyde. First of all, the theme will appeal to many players and especially to those who have read the story of the person with the dual personality, a darker side in addition to his amiable one. Then the 1,024 ways to win will promise very pleasing opportunities which seasoned gaming aficionados will appreciate. Yet another reason is the temptation to try a Microgaming Slot, because the range brought out by Microgaming has a number of titles which enjoy vast interest. With such a list of reasons, you should not hesitate to play and find out how the theme and the developments will appeal to you.

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