Released 01.01.2013
Provider Microgaming
Theme Different
RTP 96.75%
Reels N/A
Rows N/A
Paylines N/A

Hand to Hand Combat

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Scratchcard games have their appeal, as you will see for one more time in this game brought to online gaming by Microgaming. They let you enjoy yourself, by uncovering symbols gradually, one by one, to see what luck has hidden under the covering that is “scratched off”. The fact that you do not in fact do real scratching, but click the mouse on a package or a rectable, or a symbol, does not make the pleasure less rewarding. That applies to Hand to Hand Combat too. As soon as you see the screen, you will make an association with the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. The conditions for winning are the same, with paper beating rock, rock beating scissors, etc. So that will help you to play this scratchcard game. A scratchcard has 5 sets with panels comprised of 3 parts: to the left is your move, then in the middle you will see the multiplier, and to the right is the opponent's move. Your reward for winning is grabbing the multiplier. With luck you can win many times on a card. You can start the game by clicking on the New Card button. That is a real hand to hand combat, in which you will be motivated to play when you see the inviting game logo in red. Moreover, under it, you can see two kung fu fighters, so you can make an attempt to show off your skills in combat without weapons too.

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When you decide to play the game, the first thing is to make your bet by selecting its level. Then, as we said, click on New Card. The scratchcard will appear on the screen, and on it you will have five chances to try. With luck you will be able to turn these choices into five wins. For the purpose you will need to do some scratching off. Scratch off the panels which show your moves, and, too, the panels which show your opponent's moves. Let us outline the details. The hand movement is bound to beat your opponent. Your flat palm will overcome the clenched hand of your opponent. In turn, a clenched hand will get the upper hand on a gesture made using two fingers. Finally, the gesture made using two fingers will prove to get the upper hand over a flat palm. You can see all that information outlines in the paytable on the left. In a nutshell, your gesture must beat your opponent's gesture to provide you with a win. As the greatest reward, you can win an amount that will make 100x the amount of your stake.

The game, where chance plays the role to reward you with wins quickly, or make you wait and uncover more symbols until finally you hit a win, is a good choice for playing. If you are a fan of Rock, Paper, Scissors, and even if you are not, this scratchcard game will provide you with a very nice experience thanks to Microgaming which has powered it. The excitement and suspense before you find out what is hidden and will be brought out by luck

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